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The Investment Counselor
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The Investment Counselor

Investment Counselor is a science fiction short story by Orson Scott Card. It is part of the Ender's Game series, and tells of the first meeting of Ender and Jane.

It can be found in the book First Meetings.

Warning: Plot details follow.

In this story, it has been 400 years since the end of the Formic War and Ender has just turned 20. He has inherited all his assets from the fund set up for the hero of the war. It seems he needs to pay massive taxes on them. He is about to be cheated by a greedy tax accountant, when he meets Jane, who comes to him in the form of junk mail (seemingly a piece of humor on her part.) She helps him with his taxes, and prevents the tax accountant from exposing Andrew's identity as the Ender Wiggin.

In the future, the world believes that what Ender did was evil.

He becomes a Speaker for the Dead, as a profession, and his long friendship with Jane begins.

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