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The Hollies
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The Hollies

The Hollies are a British rock and roll band formed in the early 1960s. They signed to Parlophone in 1963 as label-mates of The Beatles, and released their first album in the US in 1964 as part of the first wave of British Invasion releases.

The Hollies had a squeaky-clean image, and were famous for their vocal harmonies. Frequent releases throughout the early '60s included many cover versions of popular songs as well as a few original hits (notably 1966's "Bus Stop"). The group's popularity reached a peak in 1969 with their biggest hit, "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother", which was revived years after its initial appearance as a result of its use in a television advertisement and reached #1 in the UK charts.

When Graham Nash, one of the group's two main vocalists, left in 1968, a massive audition took place for a suitable successor, Terry Sylvester eventually being selected. This lineup had an immediate hit with "Sorry, Suzanne". Singer Allan Clarke briefly left the group in 1971 and was replaced as lead vocalist by Mikael Rickfors, but the attempt to change their style was commercially unsuccessful, though they did have a hit in 1972 with "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress".

The band continued to record and tour sporadically in various lineups through the mid-1980s.

Following the September 11, 2001 attacks, radio conglomerate Clear Channel Communications supposedly sent out of a list of 150 songs that were recommended to be pulled from airplay. The Hollies' tune "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" was among those listed. However, the list turned out to be an urban legend, and was disproved by the Urban Legends Reference Pages.

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  1. Stay With The Hollies, 1964
  2. In The Hollies Style, 1965
  3. The Hollies, 1965
  4. Would You Believe, 1966
  5. For Certain Because, 1966
  6. Would You Believe, 1967
  7. Evolution, 1967
  8. Butterfly, 1967
  9. The Vintage Hollies, 1967 (stereo reissue of In The Hollies Style)
  10. Stay With The Hollies, 1968 (stereo reissue)
  11. The Hollies' Greatest, 1968 (compilation)
  12. The Hollies Sing Dylan, 1969
  13. Hollies Sing Hollies, 1969
  14. Reflection, 1969 (stereo reissue)
  15. Confessions Of The Mind, 1970
  16. Distant Light, 1971

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