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The Hilltoppers
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The Hilltoppers

The Hilltoppers were a popular singing group.

Originally the group was a trio formed at Western Kentucky State College (now Western Kentucky University), Bowling Green, Kentucky. The original members were three students, Jimmy Sacca (born July 26, 1929), Donald McGuire (born October 7, 1931), and Seymour Spiegelman (October 1, 1930-February 13, 1987). Jimmy Sacca, the lead singer, was born in Lockport, New York. Don McGuire was born in Hazard, Kentucky. Seymour Spiegelman was born in Seneca Falls, New York. They took their name from the nickname of Western Kentucky athletic teams.

They later added a pianist, Billy Vaughn (April 12, 1919-September 26, 1991) who soon became the fourth member of the singing group as well. Vaughn was born in Glasgow, Kentucky. Vaughn was eventually to become famous in his own right as an orchestra leader.

In 1952 they recorded a song, Trying, written by Vaughn. A local disk jockey sent a copy to Randy Wood, who was starting a new label, Dot Records, and he agreed to distribute the record. It became a top-ten charting hit, and the Hilltoppers became a member of Dot's family. They went on to record a number of additional hits until their breakup.

Spiegelman died in New York City. Vaughn died in Escondido, California. McGuire and Sacca are still alive.

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