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The Getaway (video game)
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The Getaway (video game)

After the succes of the Grand Theft Auto computer game series, a number of game companies produced similar games. SCEE was one of them and created The Getaway, a driving/shooting game in the heart of London.

You play the game with Mark Hammond, a former gang member, who decided to quit the gangster scene and settle down with his wife Susie. One day, Hammond awakes to find his wife murdered and son kidnapped by a rival gang. Rushing to his family's aide, he picks up the murder weapon and incriminates himself and sees his child carried away in a car. He follows the car to the local hide-out of gana leader Charles Jolson who holds Hammonds son. Jolson uses Hammond's son as leverage over Mark and "employs" him for particularly risky and dangerous missions. Hammond's payment? His son.

The game lets you drive with about forty existing vehicles, (Saab, Renault, Citroen, Mercedes, Lotus, Nissan, Lexus, Mazda, etc.) and takes you from one side to the other of a photorealistic copy of London. The number of weapons is a bit on the low side, you can shoot a hand-gun, a Kalashnikov, a shotgun and a MP-5.

When you finished the story with Mark, you can play it again with another character: Frank Carter, a cop. You now see the story through his eyes. After having finished the game completely, you can select the option: roaming around, which gives you the possiblity to drive around freely in London.

The music is basic tunes that help create a typical atmosphere; when the levels get more exciting, the music changes as well. The cars are realistic and have a nice damage-model. Graphics are interesting and get the job done. The story plays out like an interactive movie. The player sees the story elements of the game play out on well-scripted cutscenes and then takes control of the main character when the action starts.