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The Four Aces
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The Four Aces

The Four Aces were a pop singing group.

The original members were Al Alberts (originally Albertini), Dave Mahoney, Lou Silvestri, and Rosario "Sol" Vaccaro. They all came from Chester, Pennsylvania.

Alberts went to South Philadelphia High School, Temple University, and the United States Navy, where he met Mahoney. Originally, Alberts sang with Mahoney playing behind him, and later they added Vaccaro on trumpet and Silvestri on drums. They played locally in the Philadelphia area, and Alberts started his own record label, Victoria Records, when they could not find a distributor to release their first record, (It's No) Sin. It sold a million copies, and Decca Records soon signed the group, billing them as The Four Aces featuring Al Alberts.

Alberts, however, left the group in 1956 to try to make it as a soloist, but never made the charts. He was replaced as lead singer by Fred Diodati, who had attended South Philadelphia High School a few years after Alberts.

Eventually the group broke up, but Diodati still has a group which he calls the Four Aces, though it contains none of the original members. In 1975 a court awarded Diodati the right to the name in a court suit in which the original members tried to establish their right.

The group was inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2001.

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