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The Apprentice
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The Apprentice

The Apprentice is an American television reality series that aired on NBC in the winter and spring of 2004. The Apprentice is produced by Mark Burnett Productions in association with Trump Productions LLC. Mark Burnett and billionaire Donald Trump are executive producers. Trump is the host. The premise of the show, which bills itself as the "ultimate job interview" is to conduct a job talent search for a person to head one of Trump's companies. The position comes with a salary of $250,000.

Table of contents
1 About the Show
2 Candidates
3 Weekly summary
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About the Show

The show started with 16 contestants, eight men and eight women from around the United States. Each had been successful in various enterprises, including real estate, restaurant management, political consulting, and sales. During the show, the contestants lived communally in a suite at Trump Tower in Manhattan. Elimination took the form of one contestant being "fired" by Trump at the conclusion of each week's episode.

The contestants were originally divided into two "corporations" by gender. The men choose to name their company "Versacorp", and the women choose to name their company "Protégé Corporation".

Each week, Trump assigned the teams a task. Each team selected a "project manager" to lead them in the week's assigned task. The winning team received a reward, while the losing team faced a boardroom showdown with Trump and two of his associates in order to determine which team member would be fired.

Elimination proceeded in two stages. In the first stage, Trump confronted the losing team and required the week's project manager to select two additional team members which the project manager believed were most responsible for the loss.

The rest of the team was dismissed, and the project manager and the two other selected members faced a final confrontation several minutes later in which Trump fired one of the three. Trump is now well known for his catch phrase "You're Fired!", which he reportedly will trademark.

The show's theme song is For the Love of Money by ''The O'Jays.


Warning: Plot details follow.

Since The Apprentice is essentially a job interview, the contestants are referred to as "candidates". Alphabetically, they are:

Weekly summary

Warning: Plot details follow.

Week 1: Lemonade Empire

Week 2: Madison Avenue Pitch

Week 3: Negotiation 101

Week 4: Planet Hollywood

Week 5: Flea Market

Week 6: Donation Auction

Week 7: Apartment Renovation

Week 8: Trump Ice

Week 9: Art Gallery

Week 10: Take Over

Special "Recap" Episode

Week 11: Casino Game Promotion

Week 12: PH Brokers

Week 13: Down to The Wire

Week 14: The Live Finale

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