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The Amazing Race
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The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is a reality game show broadcast in one-hour episodes in which teams of two race around the world in competition with other teams. It has been broadcast on CBS since 2001.

The race itself combines the progressive elimination of Survivor, but instead of a voting-based elimination the game resembles a treasure hunt in amateur rally racing. The race starts in a US city. Teams must then follow clues and instructions and make their way to checkpoints in cities around the world. Along the way, there are "Roadblocks", tasks that only one member of the team may perform, and "Detours", tasks that both members must perform.

In each leg of the race, one "Fast Forward" is available. A Fast Forward allows the first team to discover the Fast Forward to skip all further tasks and proceed directly to the checkpoint. Each team may use only one Fast Forward during the game.

In the fifth season, a "Yield" was also made available. A Yield allows the first team that discovers it to stop any team behind them at the Yield for one hour as mandated by an hourglass. Like the Fast Forward, each team may use only one Yield during the game.

There is a mandatory resting period of twelve hours at each checkpoint. Teams leave exactly twelve hours after they arrive, in the order in which they arrived. In most legs of the race, the last team to reach the checkpoint is eliminated (however, there are some non-elimination rounds. In the fifth season, the team that finishes last in a non-elimination round is stripped of all money they have received thus far and will have to start the next leg without any financial assistance). In some rounds, the first team to arrive wins prizes such as trips and cameras, which they receive at the end of the game.

In the last leg of the race there are three teams remaining. The first team to reach the final checkpoint wins the game and US$1 million. All non-winning teams win lesser amounts of money on a sliding scale based on their placement in the race.

The couples selected of various ages, cultural groups, and share a variety of different relationships to each other; past series have included long-time married couples, siblings (including twins), couples in long-term gay relationships, friends - even, couples whose relationship, before the race commences, sits somewhere between that of friends and romantic partners. The various relationship dynamics between the team members under the stress of the competition is one of the show's main focuses.

The show is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and hosted by Phil Keoghan.

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