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Television (band)
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Television (band)

Television are an Americann rock and roll band of the 1970s. Most histories of punk rock now acknowledge that they were the first band to which the label was applied. Television began playing at CBGBs in 1973. Unlike "punk rock" in general, which took its cue from other bands associated with CBGBs in New York, many critics consider Television's music to be experimental, proficient, abstract, and langorous.

The band initially made only two studio albums before an acrimonious split. The band members have traditionally had very independent and strongly held artistic visions, making its career somewhat spotty. The band broke up after Richard Lloyd and Tom Verlaine decided to pursue solo careers in 1978, but Richard Hell was the first to depart the band (forming The Heartbreakers in 1975). They briefly reformed for an eponymous third album in 1992. The band split again after the tour supporting the third album.

After being wooed back onstage together for the 2001 All Tomorrow's Parties at Camber Sands, England, they have played a number of dates around the world, and continue to tour on an irregular basis.