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TBY Sea Wolf
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TBY Sea Wolf

TBY Sea Wolf

TBY Sea Wolf
Role Carrier-based torpedo bomber
Crew 3
First Flight
Entered Service
Manufacturer Vought, Consolidated
Length 39 ft 0 in 11.9 m
Wingspan 56 ft 0 in 17.1 m
Height 18 ft 8 in 5.7 m
Wing area ft²
Empty lb kg
Loaded lb kg
Maximum takeoff lb kg
Engines Pratt & Whitney R-2800-6 Double Wasp
Power 1800 hp 1,300 kW
Maximum speed 311 mph 501 km/h
Combat range miles km
Ferry range miles km
Service ceiling ft m
Rate of climb ft/min m/min
Wing loading lb/ft² kg/m²
Power/Mass hp/lb kW/kg

The Consolidated TBY Sea Wolf was a United States Navy torpedo bomber of World War II. A competitor and contemporary to the very similar TBF Avenger, the Sea Wolf was subject to substantial delays and never saw combat; only 180 of the type were built before cancellation after VJ Day.

The original design was not by Consolidated, but rather by Vought, who designed the then XTBU-1 Sea Wolf to a 1939 Navy requirement. The first prototype flew 2 weeks after Pearl Harbor. Its performance seemed superior to the Avenger and the Navy placed an order for a thousand examples.

Bad luck intervened; the prototype was damaged in a rough arrested landing trial, and when repaired a month later was again damaged in a collision with a training aircraft. Once repaired again, the prototype was accepted by the Navy. However, by this time Vought was heavily over-committed to other contracts, especially for the F4U Corsair fighter, and had no production capacity. It was arranged that Consolidated-Vultee would produce the aircraft (as the TBY), but this had to wait until the new production facility in Allentown, Pennsylvania was complete, which took until late 1943.

The production TBYs were radar-equipped, with a radome under the right-hand wing. The first one flew on 20 August 1944. By this time, though, the Avenger equipped every torpedo squadron in the Navy, and there was not really any place for the Sea Wolf; in addition, numerous small problems delayed things. The Sea Wolf had seen no action by the Japanese surrender, after which all orders were cancelled.

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