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Takashi Yoshimatsu
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Takashi Yoshimatsu

Takashi Yoshimatsu (born 1953) is a contemporary Japanese composer of classical music.

Takashi Yoshimatsu was born in Tokyo, Japan, and like Japan's greatest composer, Toru Takemitsu, did not receive formal musical training while growing up. He studied electronic engineering at Keio University, and became interested in the jazz and progressive rock scenes, particularly in the possibilities being explored through electronic music.

He became interested in classical music in his twenties, and composed a number of pieces before making his name with the serialist 'Threnody for Toki' in 1981. Soon afterwards, he became disenchanted with atonal music, and began to compose in a free neo-romantic style with strong influences from jazz, rock and Japanese classical music, underscoring his reputation with his 1985 guitar concerto. As of 2004, Yoshimatsu has presented five symphonies, five concertos (one each for piano, cello, guitar, trombone and saxophone), a number of sonatas, and various shorter pieces for ensembles of various sizes. His 'Atom Hearts Club Suites' for string orchestra explicitly pay homage to the Beatles, Pink Floyd and Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

Yoshimatsu's supporters enjoy his easy, tuneful style and sense of the capacities of different instruments, although critics complain that his work is simply a post-modern jumble with little coherent theme.