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Table of vowels
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Table of vowels

front near-front central near-back back
close i • y ɨ • ʉ ɯ • u
near-close ɪ • ʏ ʊ
close-mid e • ø ɘ • ɵ ɤ • o
mid ə
open-mid ɛ • œ ɜ • ɞ ʌ • ɔ
near-open æ ɐ
open a • ɶ ɑ • ɒ
Table of vowels
List of vowels
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This table list all the vowels listed by the International Phonetic Alphabet. Where vowels appear in pairs, the vowel to the left of the bullet (•) corresponds to an unrounded vowel and the vowel to the right of the bullet corresponds to a rounded vowel.

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