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Sustrans is a British charity which promites sustainable transport. The charity is currently working on a number of practical projects to encourage people to walk, cycle and use public transport in order to reduce motor traffic and its adverse effects. Sustrans' flagship project is the National Cycle Network, creating 10,000 miles of routes throughout the UK.

As well as the National Cycle Network, Sustrans is working on Safe Routes to Schools, Safe Routes to Stations, home zones and other practical responses to the transport and environmental challenges we face. Sustrans' work relies on the generous donations and monthly standing orders of 40,000 Supporters, and the support of charitable trusts, companies, the National Lottery and local authority programmes.

1: NCR47 Between Nelson - Hengoed, South Wales

2: NCR47 Between Trelewis - Bedlinog, South Wales

Photographs By Granville White

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Sustran's projects

Sustrans works on a range of practical projects to encourage people to walk and cycle more in order to reduce motor traffic and its adverse effects.

The National Cycle Network is creating 10,000 miles of routes by 2005. 7000 miles are already open for you to enjoy.

Safe Routes to Schools projects aim to enable children to walk and cycle to school through a package of practical and educational measures.

Green Routes, Safe Routes is a three-year umbrella programme to be run by Sustrans under the New Opportunities Fund Green Spaces and Sustainable Communities Programme.

A home zone is a street or group of streets where car users don't have priority over other users, with cars travelling at little more than walking pace.

Sustrans is involved in a range of new initiatives to help people get around the countryside without relying on private cars.

TravelSmart is a dynamic initiative, challenging travel behaviour. Using an innovative technique called Individualised Marketing, it successfully encourages people to use alternative modes of transport to their private car.

The National Cycle Network offers the largest collection of public artworks, mainly sculptures along the NCRs, in the country.

Sustrans' work crosses national borders.

Sustrans has been promoting healthy active travel for over 20 years. The Active Travel programme has been set up to manage this health promotion aspect of our work and to focus on health policy.

Working the Net is an initiative of Sustrans to link businesses to the National Cycle Network and encourage more sustainable ways of getting to work.

Sustrans' Research and Monitoring Unit has developed in response to the need to demonstrate the benefits of cycling and walking projects. Important work is also being done to establish whether progress is being made towards achieving cycling targets set by the government.

The Safe Routes To Stations initiative aims to encourage more people to walk or cycle to railway stations through the provision of safe, direct routes.

CycleMark, which is fast becoming an industry standard, is designed to reward individuals and companies within the rail industry who have made a special effort to promote or facilitate cycle use, improve overall journey experience, or develop bike+rail as a competitive transport alternative.

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