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Supermarket Sweep
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Supermarket Sweep

Supermarket Sweep was a game show on the Lifetime Network from February 5 1990 to August 14 1998, at which point it was switched over to PAX. The PAX run has continued since September 2000. This was decades after its unsuccessful initial December 20 1965 to July 14 1967 run on ABC. It is believed that no new episodes have been filmed since sometime in 1996.

Supermarket Sweep employed a revolutionary game show when it debuted in 1965 -- contestants actually ran about a supermarket filling carts with food. Whichever team's grabbings had the highest value won.

In the original run, Supermarket Sweep aired in supermarkets across the country. At that time, however, the cameras were unwieldy to handle.

In its 1990 reincarnation, Al Howard (also the original show's creator) added the Bonus Round, in which a team of two contestants would have 60 seconds to find $5000 in cash hidden somewhere in the supermarket. More than a blind hunt, they had to cooperate to solve a series of three clues ultimately leading to the prize, if they were fast.

A syndicated Canadian version of the show was produced between 1992 and 1995, with Tino Monte as host and Dave King as announcer.

Supermarket Sweep fans will remember the show's catchphrase: "Next time you're at a checkout counter and you hear the beep - think of the fun YOU could have on 'Supermarket Sweep!'"

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