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Strand, London
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Strand, London

The Strand is a famous road in London, linking Westminster and the City of London.

From its western origins at Trafalgar Square, the Strand curves broadly northeast, staying roughly 200 m away from the River Thames, until at Temple Bar (the boundary of the City of London) it becomes Fleet Street.

The Strand and Aldwych have been urbanised since Saxon times, when the area was a major place of settlement, just outside of the old Roman city walls. Throughout the Middle Ages they remained a thin link of development and activity between the commercial centre to the east and the political to the west.

Tube stations: Charing Cross, Aldwych (disused).

An address on the Strand is extremely unusual. Most would think that number 11 was "11 The Strand". It is, however, "11 Strand".


The Savoy Hotel and Theatre are just off the Strand.