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Steve Stevens
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Steve Stevens

Steve Stevens is best known for his often excellent lead guitar playing for other artists (such as Billy Idol) on the "Rebel Yell" single, and somewhat lesser known for his solo effort "Atomic Playboys" album, which featured an MTV hit single video of the same name. Stevens second solo effort "Flamenco A Go Go" was recorded entirely by himself in his home studio and stemmed from the inspiration he received after attending a concert by Flamenco virtuoso Paco Delucia.

Stevens (along with Harold Faltermeyer)won a Grammy in 1987 for his performance on the Top Gun soundtrack and has worked with a host of other artists such as Vince Neil, Michael Jackson, Michael Monroe, Thompson Twins, Joni Mitchell, Peter Criss, Steve Lukather, Rick Ocasek, Ben Watkins of Juno Reactor, Greg Bissonette, Pink, Robert Palmer, Jizzy Pearl, Terry Bozzio and Tony Levin.

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