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South-Eastern Alps
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South-Eastern Alps

The chief peaks of the South-Eastern Alps, east of the Monte Croce Pass, fall into five small groups, the Julian Alps, Carnic Alps, Karavanke (Karawanken), Kamnik Alps and Savinja Alps -- each peak and pass being distinguished by one of the initial letters "J," "C", "K", "KA" or "S".

Triglav (J) 2.864 m(9.396 feet)
Grintovec (KA) 2.558 m(8.392 feet)
Monte Coglians (C) 2.782 m(9.128 feet)
Prestreljenik (J) 2.500 m(8.202 feet)
Kellerwand (C) 2.775 m(9.105 feet)
Ojstrica (S) 2.350 m(7.710 feet)
Jof del Montasio (J) 2755 m(9.039 feet)
Tosc (J) 2.275 m(7.464 feet)
Cima dei Preti (C) 2.703 m(8.868 feet)
Monte Cavallo (C) 2.251 m(7.386 feet)
Monte Paralba (C) 2.691 m(8.829 feet)
Krn (J) 2.244 m(7.362 feet)
Mangart (J) 2.679 m(8.789 feet)
Stol (K) 2.236 m(7.336 feet)
Jalovec (J) 2.645 m(8.677 feet)
Dobrac (C) 2.170 m(7.120 feet)
Razor (J) 2.601 m(8.533 feet)   Kepa (K) 2.143 m(7.031 feet)
Kanin (J) 2.582 m(8.471 feet)
Storžič (KA) 2.132 m(6.995 feet)
Monte Cridola (C) 2.581 m(8.468 feet)   Raduha (S) 2.062 m(6.765 feet)
Kanjavec (J) 2.568 m(8.425 feet)   Velika Kapa (K) 1.542 m(5.059 feet)

The chief passes of the South-Eastern Alps, east of the Monte Croce Pass, are:
Oefnerjoch (Forno Avoltri to St Lorenzen in the Gail Valley), foot path (C) 2.301 m(7.550 feet)
Wolayer Pass (same to Mauthen), foot path (C) 1.922 m(6.306 feet)
Loibl Pass or Ljubelj (Klagenfurt to Ljubljana), carriage road (K) 1.370 m(4.495 feet)
Plocken Pass (Tolmezzo to Mauthen), bridle path (C) 1.360 m(4.462 feet)
Predil Pass (Villach by d'arvis and Flitsch to Gorizia), carriage road (J) 970 m(3.183 feet)
Birnbaumerwald (Ljubljana to Gorizia), carriage road (J) 883 m(2.897 feet)
Saifnitz or Pontebba Pass (Villach by Tarvisio and Pontebba to Udine), railway 797 m(2.615 feet)

(from an old encyclopedia)