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SmartAsk was a Canadian quiz show which ran for three seasons on the CBC. The show was hosted in its first season by Justin Landry and Michie Mee. Brothers Nobu and Mio Adilman replaced Landry for the second season, and Sabrina Jalees replaced Michie for the third. During the show's second and final seasons, "Superfan" Andy Saunders made guest appearances to give analysis, predictions, and give statistics. Saunders also handed out "Andy Awards" to the show's top players and funnier moments.

The SmartAsk tournament was quoted by Ralph Benmergui, the show's executive producer, on TSN's Off The Record as being "Reach For The Top on acid".

Schools qualified for the television version through appearances on a CBC Radio version, hosted by CBC Radio's afternoon hosts across Canada.

The show will not be returning for a fourth season.

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