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A shrine is a holy or sacred place sometimes dedicated towards a certain god, goddess, saint, or similar religious figure.

As distinguished from a temple, a shrine is usually located because it houses a particular relic or cult image which is the object of worship or veneration, or because it is constructed on a site which is thought to be particularly holy, as opposed to being placed for the convenience of worshippers. As such, shrines are associated with the practice of pilgrimage. Roman Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Shinto are major religions that have places of worship that are frequently called shrines. A Buddhist shrine is sometimes called a stupa. In Shinto, small portable shrines are often carried in religious processions.

The word is also used to designate a small altar in a home or place of business, or a room or item of furniture which is furnished with religious symbols and used for private worship.

In the United States, several national monuments are called "historic shrines." High ranking Freemasons may join the Shriners, a benevolent and charitable organization.

By extension the term shrine has come to mean any place (or virtual cyber-place) dedicated completely to a particular person or subject.

Notable shrines

Roman Catholic


U.S. historic shrines