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Shenyang (Traditional Chinese: 瀋陽, Simplified Chinese: 沈阳, Hanyu Pinyin: ShěnyŠng) is the capital of Liaoning province in China. It is a sub-provincial city. Population 6.89 million.

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In 1625 the Manchu leader Nurhaci moved his capital to Shenyang. It was renamed to Mukden (in Chinese, 盛京) in 1634. Shenyang remained the capital of the Qing Dynasty until the relocation to Beijing in 1644.

Since 1657 Shenyang had been called Fengtianfu (奉天府) until it was changed back to its old name Shenyang in 1914.

During the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), there was a Japanese victory at Shenyang on February 19-March 10, 1905.

The Mukden Incident (September 18, 1931), which gave the Japanese an impetus to create the Manchukuo state in Manchuria, took place near Shenyang.

During the Manchukuo era (1932-1945) the city was called Fengtian again.


Shenyang was the birthplace of the actress Gong Li and the famous singer Na Ying The local soccer team is Shenyang Ginde. One of twelve teams in the Chinese Super League.

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