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Serpukhov (Се́рпухов) is an old Russian town in Moscow region, which stays on Oka river where the Nara river flows into it.
It's located 99 km south from Moscow on the Moscow-Simferopol' highway. The Moscow-Tula railway pass through the town. It has about 130 000 inhabitants.

The town of Serpukhov is known since 1339. During 1341-1456 it is a center of Serpukhov princedom. In 1462 it became a part of the Muscovy.

Serpukhov had a citadel (called Kremlin, like the Moscow one), which was built in 1556 and turns the town into one of the most importaint fortresses on the south borders of Russian state. The citadel was constructed on a hill at a junction of Nara river and small Serpeyka river. However, during the 19th century the citadel was ruined and destroyed by town's inhabitants who used it's limestone for building. Even now a wast majority of basements in nearby houses are built from this material. In present time only two small fragments of a wall remain on a hill; in several places limestone tower bases could be seen.

Serpuknov has 2 cloisters: the Vysotskiy cloister (from Russian vysota=height) and Vladychniy cloister (from Russian vladyko=lord), several churches and cathedrals.

In modern times Serpukhov became a local industrial center with textile, mechanical ingeneering, furniture and paper-producing industry. However it's current economical situation is a little worse than the average economical situation for towns of the Moscow region and the architectural sights are in a very bad shape and need a serious restoration.

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