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Sebastian Cabot (actor)
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Sebastian Cabot (actor)

Sebastian Cabot (July 6, 1918 - August 22/23, 1977) was a British-born film and television actor, known for his portly figure and deep, melodious voice. Born in London, he began his acting career in Alfred Hitchcock's Secret Agent (1936), and continued to star in British films before moving to Hollywood. His best-known film work was in Ivanhoe (1952), but he was generally typecast as an Englishman in America.

Cabot is best remembered for his television role as Mr. French, the butler who cares for three orphans in the comedy series Family Affair, and for his role as the narrator in the Disney animated Winnie the Pooh series (he also featured as a voice actor in Disney's Jungle Book). He died in 1977.