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Scott Raynor
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Scott Raynor

Scott Raynor was the drummer for Blink-182, until he was replaced by Travis Barker after the Dude Ranch album.

This is what Scott himself had to say about his explusion from Blink-182: (taken from an interview conducted by www.crogalski.com)

"I think the greatest misconception was that I was fired for drinking. I received a phone call from Mark, Tom, and Rick (manager), one afternoon after a recent tour. They gave me an ultimatum to quit drinking and go into rehab. I didn't think I needed to go to rehab so I asked for the weekend to think about it, they agreed. I went out and got drunk. After that weekend I realized that I had a drinking habit that I needed to break, I told them I would go to rehab and they said they didn't trust me. So I asked if there was anything I could do to stay in the band and they said no. So I was never given a reason. Another misconception is that I am somehow upset or bitter about this. When they said they wouldn't trust me to quit drinking I realized that I was not in the company of friends. And I wouldn't have wanted to be in a band whom are not my friends."

Albums made with Blink-182: