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Sabotage (album)
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Sabotage (album)

Sabotage is a 1975 album by heavy metal band Black Sabbath.
Sabotage, released on Warner Brothers/Vertigo) was Black Sabbath's sixth studio outing. Singer Ozzy Osbourne has often complained in interviews over the years that this albume marked the beginning of what he described as Guitarist Tommy Iommi's studio production obsession. It took vastly longer than the previous albums each took to record or produce. (The first album of course only took a few hundred dollars and a couple of days.) It was also more costly.

In regards to sound, it is a significant departure from the crunching, crushingly heavy, guitar-driven sound of the previous albums - although some critics pointed to this trend beginning with the previous album, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. With Sabotage, Iommi brought in more use of keyboards and "orchestral"-sounding songwriting and oddities (for Sabbath) like choral arrangements ("'Supertzar"'). The sound of the album is also much 'brighter' and even uplifting than all the previous releases.

Track listing

  1. "Hole In The Sky"
  2. "Don't Start (Too Late)"
  3. "Symptom Of The Universe"
  4. "Megalomania"
  5. "The Thrill Of It All"
  6. "Supertzar"
  7. "Am I Going Insane (Radio)"
  8. "The Writ"

Sabotage is a 1994 album by rock/hip hop band The Beastie Boys.

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