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S6G reactor
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S6G reactor

The S6G nuclear reactor is the power source for the United States Navy's Los Angeles class submarine. The S6G powers a steam turbine that propels a single-shaft with upwards of 35,000 horsepower (26,100 kw). The S6G reactor used on the Los Angeles class attack submarines is a modified version of the D2G reactor plant first used on the CGN-25 Bainbridge class of guided missile cruisers.

U.S. Naval reactors are assigned three-character designations consisting of a letter representing the ship type the reactor is designed for, a consecutive generation number, and a letter indicating the reactor's designer.

The ship types are: "A" for aircraft carrier, "C" for cruiser, "D" for destroyer, or "S" for submarine.

The designers are: "W" for Westinghouse, "G" for General Electric, and "C" for Combustion Engineering.

Specifications are classified, but the S6G can propel the a Los Angeles Class submarine at 25+ knots in open water and 30+ knots while submerged.