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Rumors is a slapstick comedy play by Neil Simon. It premiered on stage in 1988, and was first published by Random House in 1990.

Warning: Plot details follow.

On the night of his 10th anniversary, Charley Brock, the deputy mayor of New York City is having a party with his affluent friends to celebrate. As the first guests (Ken and Chris Goreman) are arriving, he tries to commit suicide. However, Charley has taken much valium that when he tries to shoot himself, his hand droops and he shoots himself through the earlobe by mistake. Ken is Charley's lawyer, and realizes that he has to cover up the suicide attempt to preserve his friend's reputation. They also have to keep the other party guests from realizing something is wrong.

The story begins in media res as Ken and Chris are trying to cover up the suicide.

Rumours is a 1977 rock and roll album by Fleetwood Mac.