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RR layout
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RR layout

In Automobile design, an RR, or Rear-engine, Rear wheel drive, layout places both the engine and drive wheels at the rear of the vehicle. In contrast to the MR layout, however, the center of gravity of the engine is actually past the rear axle. This layout is typically chosen for its compact packaging - that is, it takes up very little space, allowing the rest of the vehicle to be designed more flexibly. In contrast with the FR layout, the FF layout eliminates the central tunnel to accomodate a driveshaft to the rear wheels. Like the FF and MR layouts, it places the heavy engine over the drive wheels to aid in traction. However, since the center of gravity is past the rear wheel, it can hurt the weight distribution and handling of the vehicle.

Early cars using the RR layout include the Tucker, the Volkswagen Beetle, and the Porsche 911. The spectacular failure of the RR Chevrolet Corvair caused all rear-engine designs to lose favor, apart from sports cars.

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