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Roy Beggs
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Roy Beggs

Roy Beggs (February 20, 1936) is a Northern Ireland politician who is a teacher by profession and was deputy principle of Larne High School. In 1973 he entered politics as a councillor for Larne Borough Council and was elected as a MP in 1983 and his held the position ever since; seeing off challenges from prominent DUP members such as Sammy Wilson and Nigel Dodds. He was elected as a Ulster Unionist Party member of Parliament for East Antrim, and recently was appointed as deputy leader of the Parliamentary party, he also serves as the UUP chief whip at Westminster.

His son, Roy Beggs Jnr is a member of the currently-suspended Northern Ireland Assembly.

Preceded by:
James Molyneaux
Steward of the Chiltern Hundreds
Followed by:
Harold McCusker

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