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Roger Taylor (Queen)
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Roger Taylor (Queen)

Roger Taylor - Queen.

Roger Taylor , a.k.a Roger Meddows Taylor, was born on 26th July 1949 in Norfolk, United Kingdom. He was drummer/percussionist and vocalist with Queen. He contributed songs to the band's albums from the very beginning, and usually sang the lead on his own tracks. Also, his ability to sing intense high notes added a distinctive tone to many of Queen's memorable vocal harmonies; one notable example of this is found in "Bohemian Rhapsody". Another fine example of his vocal talents is in the music hall-esque 'Seaside Rendezvous' when he and Freddie Mercury imitate tubas, clarinets and kazoos through mere voice manipulation.

His compositions include the hits Radio Ga Ga, Heaven for Everyone and A Kind Of Magic, as well as other tunes that did not receive as much airplay, such as Modern Times Rock & Roll (Queen I), Tenement Funster (Sheer Heart Attack), and I'm in Love With My Car (A Night at the Opera, which he also sings. He released several solo albums and even formed a separate group, The Cross.

Singles: (not appearing on album)

I Wanna Testify/Turn On The TV (1977)
Manipulator (1988)

Solo Albums:

Fun In Space (1981)
Strange Frontier (1984)
Happiness? (1994)
Electric Fire (1998)

The Cross Albums:

Shove It (1988)
Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know (1990)
Blue Rock (1991)