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Rock Pipit
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Rock Pipit

Rock Pipit
Scientific classification
Binomial name
Anthus petrosus
(Montagu, 1798)
The Rock Pipit, Anthus petrosus, is a small passerine bird which breeds on rocky coasts of western Europe northwards from Brittany. It is mainly resident in Ireland, Great Britain and France, but the west of its range, but the Scandinavian and Russian populations migrate south in winter.

Like most other pipits, this is undistinguished looking species on the ground, mainly dark brown above and heavily streaked buff below. It has dark legs, pale grey outer tail feathers and a longish dark bill. Its dark plumage is an adaptation to the rocky coasts on which it breeds and winters.

Some northern birds in summer may show pinkish underparts and a pale supercilium, thus resembling the closely related Water Pipit, with which Rock Pipit was previously considered conspecific. It is much more approachable than Water Pipit.

This species is insectivorous. Its call is an explosive "fit".