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Rob Shearman
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Rob Shearman

Robert Shearman (usually Rob Shearman) is currently best-known as a writer of Doctor Who audio plays for Big Finish, and for his ongoing association with Jarvis & Ayres Productions (Martin Jarvis and Rosalind Ayres) which has resulted in four plays for BBC Radio 4: About Colin (2000), Inappropriate Behaviour (2002), Afternoons with Roger (2003) and Forever Mine (2004). These have all been broadcast in the station's regular weekday Afternoon Play slot.

An established theatrical playwright, Shearman has worked with Alan Ayckbourn, had a play produced by Francis Ford Coppola, and has received several international awards for his work in theatre.

He is writing one episode for the new series of Doctor Who being produced by Russell T. Davies for the BBC, to be aired in 2005. His previous television work has included episodes of the 1950s-set rural drama Born and Bred broadcast on BBC ONE.

Doctor Who plays for Big Finish Productions:

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