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RL-10 (rocket engine)
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RL-10 (rocket engine)

The RL-10 was America's first liguid hydrogen fueled rocket engine. Six RL-10 engines were used in the S-IV second stage of the Saturn I rocket. Two RL-10 engines are used in the Centaur upper stages of Atlas and Titan rockets. There were proposals to use RL-10 powered Centaur upper stages on Saturn I, Saturn IB and Saturn V rockets.

Original RL-10 Specifications

Thrust (altitude): 15,000 lbf (66.7 kN)
Burn Time: 470 s
Specific Impulse: 433 s
Engine Weight - dry: 298 lb (135 kg)
Height: 68 in (1.7 m)
Diameter: 39 in (1 m)
Ratio: 40 to 1
Propellants: LOX & LH2
Propellant Flow: 35 lb/s (16 kg/s)
Contractor: Pratt & Whitney
Vehicle Application:
Saturn I / S-IV 2nd stage - 6-engines
Vehicle Application: Centaur upper stage - 2-engines