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Regions of Slovakia
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Regions of Slovakia

Slovakia is subdivided into 8 "kraje" (singular - kraj, usually translated as regions, but actually meaning rather county), each of which is named after their principal city. As for territorial division and the definition of self-governing entities, since 2002, Slovakia is divided into 8 "vyššie územné celky" abbr. VÚC (Higher Territorial Units) and 8 "samosprávne kraje" (Self-governing (or: Autonomous) Regions), both of which are presently identical with the 8 "kraje":

(the word "kraj" can be replaced by "VÚC" or "samosprávny kraj" in each case)

The "kraje" are - and have always been - subdivided into many "okresy" (singular - okres, usually translated as districts). Slovakia currently has 79 districts.

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