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Regent Street
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Regent Street

Regent Street is a major shopping street and thoroughfare in London's West End. It was named after the Prince Regent and formed part of the 1811 town plan prepared by John Nash to develop an area previously known as Marylebone Park - the master-plan also included Regent's Park.

Starting as Lower Regent's Street at its intersection with Charles II Street and Waterloo Place, it runs north to Piccadilly Circus then becomes Regent's Street by turning westward, and curves around in a quarter-circle until it is heading north once more. It then continues past Oxford Circus becoming Upper Regent's Street and ends at its intersection with Langham Place, Cavendish Place and Mortimer Street. It is part of the Crown Estate.

Hamleys toy shop can be found 100 yards south of Oxford Circus on the east side of the road. Until the 1990s it was the world's largest toy store, with six floors devoted to playthings. The ground floor is always decked out with a variety of soft toyss, from small puppets to life-sized giraffes.

Other notable stores include Liberty's.

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