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The R32 is a New York Subway car model built in 1964-1965 by the Budd Company in Philadelphia for IND and BMT service. These cars were the first mass-produced stainless steel cars built for the NYC Subway.

In 1963, the New York City Transit Authority bidded with Budd for 600 IND/BMT cars (300 pairs). Although Budd had a higher bid price than other companies, it won the contract for the cars' all-stainless construction, which would reduce operation costs, painting, rust, and other factors. Stainless steel was a novel concept at that time in the railway industry.

In 1987-1990 the R32 cars were rebuilt by Morrison Knudsen at its shops in Hornell, New York. 10 R32 cars were rebuilt by General Electric in its Buffalo facility.

Today the R32 continues to provides reliable service, almost 40 years after their introduction. They can be found on the C-8 Avenue Local, E-8 Avenue Local, F and R lines.

It is possible that the R32's will live until the 2010s. Their durable all-stainless construction will be a factor. The R160s may replace some or most of the R32s later in that decade.

The R32s are numbered 3350-3949. One car is numbered 3348, it lost its even-numbered mate in an accident, so it was renumbered.

R32 specifications

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