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State flag (In detail) Coat of Arms (In detail)
Capital Brisbane
Governor HE Ms Quentin Bryce
Premier Peter Beattie
— Land
— Marine
— Total

1 730 648 kmē
121 994 kmē
1 852 642 kmē
Population (2002)
3 729 000
Time zone UTC+10
Highest point Bartle Frere (South Peak) (1622 m)
ISO 3166-2 code: AU-QL
Queensland is a state of Australia, in the northeast of the country. The capital city is Brisbane. It is the only Australian state with a unicameral legislature.

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4 Law/Government of state
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(2002 census)


Law/Government of state

Queen Elizabeth II is represented as head of state by the locally appointed Governor, Ms Quentin Bryce, AC. The elected head of government is the Labor Premier, the Hon Peter Beattie who appoints an Executive Council from the members of the Legislative Assembly of 89 members (MLAs). The Queensland's State Parliament has been unicameral since 1922, when the Legislative Council was abolished.

In 2001 the state adopted a new codified constitution, repealing most of the assorted acts that had previously made up the constitution. The new constitution took effect on 6 June 2002, the anniversary of the formation of the independent colony of Queensland by the signing of Letters Patent by Queen Victoria in 1859.



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Towns and settlements

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