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Quality Management System
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Quality Management System

Quality Management Systems (QMS) are the outgrowth of work done by W. Edwards Deming, a statistician, after whom the Deming Prize for quality is named. One of their purposes is quality control in manufacturing.

In manufacturing industries, statistical process control is vitally important methodology used to control quality. This is important in the Six Sigma quality management scheme pioneered by Motorola.

The International Organization for Standardization's ISO 9000 series describes standards for a QMS addressing the processes surrounding the design, development and delivery of a general product or service. Organisations can participate in a continuing certification process to demonstrate their compliance with the standard.

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award is a competition to identify and recognise top-quality U.S. companies. This model addresses a broadly based range of quality criteria, including commercial success and corporate leadership. Once an organisation has won the award it has to wait several years before being eligible to apply again.

The European Foundation for Quality Management's EFQM Excellence Model supports an award scheme similar to the Malcom Baldrige Award for European companies.

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