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Progressive metal
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Progressive metal

Progressive metal (prog metal) is a heavier brand of progressive rock (prog rock) which is distinguished by its typical drumming pattern and odd time signatures. Also, progressive metal is sometimes referred to as "The Thinking Man's Metal", which characterizes not only the intelligence in the music style but also the arrogance that sometimes is stereotyped to its fans. While it did not have a wide audience in the early 80s, prog-metal really hit big with US pop progressive band Queensryche's 1990 single Silent Lucidity which became a big MTV video hit. In the early 90s, Progressive Metal hit another commercial zenith with Dream Theater's stunning album Images And Words which sold millions of copies around the world. However, after that it hasn't tasted the same success but it still has a dedicated mature fan following all around the world. Prog metal could be broken down into an absurd infinite number of other sub-genres (see bottom of article), however it suffices to say that extraneous influences such as New Age (Tool), Jazz (Dream Theater), classical music (Symphony X) and death metal (Opeth) make this genre as diverse as can be.

A closely-related genre is progressive fusion, which tends to lean more towards jazz than metal, and is usually instrumental. Progressive fusion includes bands like Liquid Tension Experiment and Planet X.

Examples of progressive metal artists:

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