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Prince Harry of Wales
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Prince Harry of Wales

His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales, Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor (born September 15, 1984), nicknamed Prince Harry, is the second son of the Prince of Wales and the late Diana, Princess of Wales and grandson to Queen Elizabeth II. He has one older brother, Prince William of Wales. Prince Harry is third in the line of succession to the thrones of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth Realms after his father Prince Charles and his brother, Prince William.

Harry is known as the less studious of the young Princes of Wales. He is an avid sports fan and participated in several teams at Eton College, where he upon graduation in June 2003 received the lowest A-level grades in the year (a B in art and a D in geography). He plans to apply for Sandhurst military college. In the last half of 2003 and the first half of 2004, Prince Harry took a gap year, spending time working on a ranch in Australia and at an orphanage in Lesotho.

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Preceded by:
HRH Prince William of Wales
Line of Succession to the British throne Followed by:
HRH The Duke of York