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Planica is an alpine valley in northwestern Slovenia, extending south from the border town Rateče;, not far from another well known ski resort Kranjska Gora. Further south the valley is extended into Tamar, a popular hiking destination. Planica is popular for ski jumping. The first ski jumping hill was constructed before 1930 at the slope of the Ponca mountain. In 1934 Stanko Bloudek constructed a larger hill, sometimes also called a mamoth hill. The first human ski jump over 100 metres was achieved here in 1936 by an Austrian Sepp Bradl. In 1969 a new K-185 hill was constructed by Lado and Janez Gorišek. Since 1986, when Matti Nykänen flew 191 metres, the world record hasn't moved from Planica to any other of ski flying hills (e.g. Kulm (Tauplitz or Bad Mitterndorf) in Austria, Harrachov in Czech Republic, Oberstdorf in Germany or Vikersund in Norway).

In 1994 a Finn Toni Nieminen was the first human flying over 200 metres. At the moment the world record is 231 metres by Matti Hautamäki of Finland from 2003.

The ski jumping infrastructure is fairly outdated at the moment (ski jumpers must walk uphill for most of their way to the top of a hill). In 2001 the Bloudek's old K-120 hill collapsed and hasn't been reconstructed yet due to endless bureaucratic troubles. Anyway FIS still allows competitions at the K-185 hill and it seems that the things will finally start to improve into a modern Nordic sports centre

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