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Pictures at an Exhibition (album)
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Pictures at an Exhibition (album)

Cover image, remastered edition

Cover image, original

Pictures at an Exhibition is an album by British progressive rock band Emerson, Lake & Palmer;, released in 1972 as a live album and re-released in 2001 as a remastered edition including both live and studio versions of Mussorgsky's classical piece Pictures at an Exhibition.

There was also a video made of a different live performance. This had a limited theatrical release in 1973, and a remastered DVD release with Dolby surround sound in 2000. This performance is notable for its technical problems; Keith Emerson's voltage-controlled synthesizer sometimes plays the wrong notes, apparently due to power supply problems.

Table of contents
1 Cover design
2 Track listing
3 Miscellaneous

Cover design

The original album cover used a gatefold sleeve depicting blank picture frames on the outside. On the inside all but one of the pictures were revealed. Some CD covers only use the "revealed" version.

Track listing

Pictures at an Exhibition has a running time of 38 minutes and 1 second spread among twelve tracks; the remastered edition has a running time of 53 minutes and 31 seconds spread amongst thirteen tracks, one of which has multiple sections:

  1. "Promenade" (3:04)
  2. "The Gnome" (2:15)
  3. "Promenade" (3:20)
  4. "The Sage" (1:48)
  5. "The old Castle" (3:30)
  6. "Blues variation" (4:14)
  7. "Promenade" (2:20)
  8. "The Hut of Baba Yaga" (3:33)
  9. "The Curse of Baba Yaga" (3:40)
  10. "The Hut of Baba Yaga" (2:40)
  11. "The Great Gates of Kiev" (3:19)
  12. "Nutrocker" (2:36)
  13. "Pictures at an Exhibition" (studio version, 15:28) ¹
    1. "Promenade"
    2. "The Gnome"
    3. "Promenade"
    4. "The Sage"
    5. "The Hut of Baba Yaga"
    6. "The Great Gates of Kiev"

¹ This track, recorded in 1993, is only available on the 2001 remastered edition.


Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition was also performed in a different electronic arrangement by Isao Tomita.