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Philadelphia Quakers
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Philadelphia Quakers

The Philadelphia Quakers were a professional ice hockey team in the National Hockey League, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The nickname coming from the religious community in the countryside near Philadelphia.


Once the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Quakers moved to Philadelphia largely due to the Great Depression. The on-ice record was also something to improve on, as the Pirates ended their last year in Pittsburgh with a 5-36-3 record. If the team was bad there, it was certainly worse here. In the first game of their only season (the 1930-31 NHL season), the New York Rangers defeated them 3-0. It would be the Quakers' third game before they scored a goal, and their sixth game, on November 25, 1930 before they won. Their next victory, and the second of only for the entire season, occurred much later, on January 10, 1931. The Quakers ended their only season with the worst offence (76 goals for) and worst defence (184 goals against) in the league, and their anemic winning percentage (.136) was second worst in the history of the league.

In the following offseason, it was announced that both the Ottawa Senators and the Quakers would suspend operations. Although the Senators would return briefly, for the Quakers, they would never ice another team. Neither Pittsburgh nor Philadelphia would host NHL teams until the creation of the Expansion Six.

Year-By-Year Record

Year GP W L T GF GA PTS Finish Playoffs
1930-31 44 4 36 4 76 184 12 5th American Out of Playoffs