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Pat Metheny
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Pat Metheny

Patrick Bruce Metheny (born 12 August 1954) is an American jazz guitarist and leader of the Pat Metheny Group.

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Roughly, Metheny's musical contexts separate into many branches: the Pat Metheny Group plus various collaborations, duets, solo works, and other side projects.

Pat Metheny Group

Together with keybordist Lyle Mays, Metheny founded the Pat Metheny Group (PMG) in 1976, after discovering how similar their musical ideas were. The Pat Metheny Group has ever since been one rare example of a jazz formation that has been extremely successful over the years and yet never followed any commercial temptation. They have developed a very dense orchestral way of composing, connecting often with the classical age for counterpoint, metric alternations and musical drama, but also connecting with different kinds of world music, especially South American. Where Metheny is the ultimate melodicist, Mays is the complex harmonist. In 1981 they were joined by bassist Steve Rodby who in the run of time developed as a catalyst in Pat's and Lyle's artistic collaboration and defined much the process of recording. Metheny refers to the PMG as the experimental corner of his music.

Side Projects

Pat Metheny in many different contexts:

Solo Recordings



Symphonic Projects



Metheny maintains that he plays what he would like to hear as a listener; with his innate curiosity, his music includes a lot of influences, classical as well as cultural. In particular he has been influenced by
Brazilian Music. He has lived in Brazil and performed with several local musicians such as Milton Nascimento and Toninho Horta. In turn he has himself been influential for a vast number of younger musicians. This is documented by the number of his compositions played by other musicians; and the number of younger players Metheny integrates into the Pat Metheny Group and various other settings.


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