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Capital:João Pessoa
Inhabitants:3,436,000 (2002)
Pop. density:? inh./km²
Timezone:GMT -3
ISO 3166-2:BR-PB
Governor:Cássio Cunha Lim

Paraíba is one of the states of Brazil, located in the northeastern part of the country, on the Atlantic coast. It contains the easternmost land of the Americas.



In the mid-1500s, Portuguese settlers from Pernambuco founded Filipéia de Nossa Senhora das Neves (today João Pessoa) at the mouth of the Paraíba River.

The area soon proved perfect for sugar production, with the French, the Dutch and the Portuguese all constantly fighting to control the Paraíba region to grow the lucrative sugarcane in. The fortress of Santa Catarina, near João Pessoa, was built to protect the city from the Dutch, who soon became the greater threat to Portuguese supremacy in Brazil.


The Paraíba economy is largely based around three things; the making of shoes and other leather products, the raising of cattle for beef, and sugarcane. Though historically, sugarcane has dominated the Paraíba agricultural sector, many pineapples are grown also.


The word négo is Portuguese for "I deny", referring to the view of the Paraíba state of Julio Prestes, a president in the 1920s whose policies provoked a revolt in southern Brazil. João Pessoa joined the alliance (Minas Gerais-Rio Grande do Sul-Paraíba) for the candidacy of Getúlio Vargas as president.

The red stands for communism, the black for anarchism.

According to the government official site of the state of Paraíba, the red stands for the blood due to assassination of João Pessoa; and the black comes from the mouring feeling after the assassination.

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