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The Orz are a fictional race of beings featured in the sci-fi Star Control computer game series.

The Orz are actually manifestations of a single pan-dimensionsal being, using "*fingers*" to produce the fish-like beings seen on a viewscreen. They made their debut in Star Control 2 as one of the more incomprehensible species in the game.

They are roughly spherical, with a small stub too small to be a tail, two eyes on stalks, a large set of gills, four tentacles and a beak. Their language is excessively unorthodox and the translation computers are not particularly good at deciphering it and a good deal of the time resorts for best-fits, denoted by asterisks. However, the language is internally consistent and with effort at least some degree of understanding can be gained.

Orz use a vaguely manta-like craft design called the Nemesis that's armed with a rotating turret and is capable of launching armored space marines that enter the ships of those they fight.

Landing on what was the Androsynth homeworld reveals records of experiments into opening alternate dimensions, and reports of "ghosts." The Orz are from a *below* dimension, different from the Arilou's *above*. The Orz are very sensitive to questions about the Androsynth, and discussing them can lead to combat.