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Online skill-based game
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Online skill-based game

Online skill-based games are a growing genre of Internet games. The top publishers of these games include: iWin.com, WorldWinner.com, and SkillJam.com. They allow users to compete for money in games of skill, rather than games of chance (that is, gambling).

Around 2000, Disney invested millions in a new online skill-based game company called Skillgames.com (formerly PureSkill.com). Manhattan-based Skillgames, with endorsements by Disney-owned properties such as ESPN and ABC, was to develop skill-based games such as "Hole-In-One Golf," "Soap Opera Trivia" and others implemented as Java applets on their site. Players could win prizes up to a million dollars their first time playing. Skillgames, a spin-off of Priceline.com, was unable to overcome some technological hurdles, however, and went out of business in November 2001.

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