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On the Town
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On the Town

On the Town is a musical first performed in 1944, with music by Leonard Bernstein and book and lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. It was expanded from the ballet Fancy Free, on which Bernstein worked with choreographer Jerry Robbins. It features the song "New York, New York."

The story is about three U.S. sailors on shore leave in New York City; while there, they meet three girls: a taxi driver, a student in history, and a girl who has been elected "Miss Turnstiles" (subway).

It was filmed in 1949, and was one of the first musical films to be filmed on location. Gene Kelly co-stars with Frank Sinatra for the second time, after their earlier hit Anchors Aweigh. Kelly also co-directed the film with fellow first-time director Stanley Donen and was also the film's choreographer.