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Omotic languages
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Omotic languages

The Omotic languages are Afro-Asiatic languages spoken in northeast Africa. Most Omotic speakers live in southwestern Ethiopia. The Omotic languages are fairly agglutinative.

The Geez alphabet is used to write such Omotic languages as are written.

Lionel Bender (1988) classifies this group as follows:

Apart from terminology, this differs from Harold Fleming's earlier (1976) classification in including the Mao languages, whose affiliation had originally been controversial, and in moving Janjero out of "Gimojan". There are also differences in the subclassification of Ometo, which is not given here.

The Omotic languages were formerly classified as a subgroup of the Cushitic languages, but as more data became available, Harold Fleming proposed that they constituted a separate subgroup of Afro-Asiatic, and this has become the prevalent view. Whether the old Cushitic language family should be split in two in this way is still controversial among some linguists; others, conversely, regard its differences from other Afro-Asiatic languages as so great as to cast doubt on its very inclusion in the phylum, and regard it as being, at closest, the phylum's most distant branch.