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Ny-Ålesund in the summer.

Ny-Ålesund is one of the four permanent settlements on Svalbard. It is located on the Brøgger-peninsula at the Kongsfjord. Like the rest of Svalbard, Ny-Ålesund is administered by Norway.

Ny-Ålesund is referred to as the northernmost settlement at 79° north.

Today, it is inhabited by a permanent population of approximately 30-35 persons. All of them are working for one of the research stations or the logistics and supply company "Kings Bay", which owns and runs the town. In the summer the activitiy in Ny-Ålesund is highly increased with up to 120 researchers, technicians, and field assistents.

It is hardly possible to travel to Ny-Ålesund unless you have work to do here. An exception is ship cruises, on which Ny-Ålesund is a typical shore break. However, this tourism may cause interference with the sensitive scientific devices in the settlement, so tourists are closely observed by the local population.


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