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Norwegian Football Cup
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Norwegian Football Cup

The Norwegian Cup is called the NM-Cup (the official name, though, is the If-Cup, because it is sponsored by the insurance company If). NM stands for Norgesmesterskap, which means Norwegian Championship. The first rounds of the Cup are played in April, around the same time as the Norwegian Premier League starts. The matchups are drawn at random, the teams face off once, and the winner goes on to the next round. The final match is played in October, on the national stadium of Ullevål, and marks the end of the Norwegian football season. The cup is very popular in Norway, and tickets for the final match are hard to get, as the game usually sells out quickly. The supporters of the two teams playing in the final match are seated at the two short-ends of the pitch, while the more neutral supporters are seated by the long-ends. The match is also televised on National television.

List of Norwegian Cup Champions