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Nob was a town or village in ancient Israel. It was located in the vicinity of Jerusalem. It may have been located close to Bahurim, near Mount of Olives. It may also have been located more at north. Seemingly, it belonged to the Tribe of Benjamin, Jerusalem being at the border between Benjamin and Judah.

Nob is remembered as the place David fled and went to the high priest Achimelech. He ate some of the showbread and received the sword of Goliath, which was kept there. Later Saul came there together with Doeg the Edomite. He got angry on Achimelech for helping David, and Doeg put him and other priests to death. Then Doeg also killed all men, women and children of Nob.(1 Samuel chapters 21 and 22)

Nob is mentioned later, in connection with Assyria attacking Israel (Isaiah 10: 24,32), and after the Babylonian Exile (Nehemiah 11:31,32).

Note: Nob is also a slang term for penis.